Should Black People Vote? Political Theory on Voting and Representation

A look at black voting and representation. We will review the troubling history of black voter enfranchisement and the ongoing efforts to suppress the black vote. We’ll look at the ebb and flow of voting rights victories and setbacks. Also what are we voting for? To what extent do the choices we have on the ballot actually reflect the interest of black voters? All that begging the obvious question should black people vote?

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Africana Studies Course Syllabi

Designing a course from scratch is time consuming, but why start from scratch? The following course syllabi are available for download. Modify as you see fit…

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Africa Today | Women’s Rights and Sexual Freedom in Africa; Crime Fiction Writer Dr. Kwei Quartey

SEGMENT 1: Muadi Mukenge on her work providing safe abortion and contraceptive care across Africa, Asia and Latin America.
SEGMENT 2: Crime fiction writer, Dr. Kwei Quartey discusses his newest book.

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Video Lessons on Black History From Reconstruction to Present

Subscribe to my channel« Prev1 / 3Next »Police Brutality from San Diego to England Film & Discussion (Part 1)Guilty By Asociation? Aaron Harvey and Brandon "Tiny Doo" Duncan Speak at San Diego City CollegeRace And Politics In The Age Of Obama (E14 S3)Ronald Reagan And The Conservative Era (E14 S2)Civil Rights on its Head (E14 S1)The Conservative Era From Reagan to the Age of Obama (E14 Intro)The Conservative Era From Reagan to the Age of Obama (E14 Full)Homophobia in the Black Liberation Struggle (E13 S3)Femiphobia in the Black Liberation Struggle (E13 S2)Critical Questions on Gender (E13 S1)Race vs. Gender (E13 Intro)Race vs. Gender: Femiphobia and Homophobia Within the Black Liberation Struggle (E13 Full)The Creation of Black Studies at San Diego City CollegeEpisode 1 (Segment 1): What Is Black Studies?The Establishment of Black Studies (E2 S2)« Prev1 / 3Next... read more

Video Lessons on Black History Thorough Reconstruction

Current list of available videos on Black History from Reconstruction to Present.

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